Public dance classes by the McDonald Dance Academy

Childrens & Adults
Dance Classes

McDonald Dance Academy run a number of assessed and leisure dance classes for both adults and children, and a series of classes for adults with learning difficulties. Please browse the options on the classes menu for more information.

Private tuition dance classes by the McDonald Dance Academy

Private Tuition
Dance Classes

Are you looking to learn on your own or with a small group of fiends? The McDonald Dance Academy delivers private dance classes and tuition to single couples and small groups. All of our private dance classes are tailor made to your own specific requirements. Read more...

Wedding dance classes by the McDonald Dance Academy

Dance Classes

Getting married? Worried you can't dance your first dance together? Don't worry - the McDonald Dance Academy's wedding dance classes will help ensure that your first dance will be one to remember for everyone. Read more...

Dancing shoes from the McDonald Dance Academy

Merchandise inc.
Dance Shoes

Good dance shoes are essential items if you want to become a really good dancer. That's why the McDonald Dance Academy offers a range of quality dance shoes from well known brands such as SupaDance, TopLine, Katz and DanceSport International, Roch Valley, International. Now over 100 pairs in stock. Read more...