Nursery & Primary School Dance Classes

The McDonald Dance Academy is available to schools and nurseries to give children the opportunity to experience dancing for themselves.

Nursery Dance Classes

We have been into nurseries with children in their pre-school year. We have done all the traditional dances, but used music they are more interested in, e.g. Bob The Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Tweenies, Pirates of the Caribbean any many more. This helps them to enjoy the dancing with music they know.

Nurseries we have attended

We have run dance classes and events at the following nurseries:

Primary School Dance Classes

We have been into many primary schools doing a wide range of dances. These are some of the dances and curriculum we have covered:

Primary schools we have attended

We have run dance classes and events at the following schools:


“Thank you for the wonderful dance class that you provided at Parbold Douglas Academy, as part of our Spanish Fiesta on Thursday 2nd February 2012. The children enjoyed the salsa lesson immensely. Many were still practising the moves at the end of the day!

From an educational perspective, your lesson fitted in well with our aim to increase the amount of physical activity our children are involved in. Of course, it was also a fantastic way for the children to really experience the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. The best thing, though, was that it was great fun!

We can’t wait for you to come again! !Muchas Gracias!”

Barbara Murphy, Spanish Teacher, Parbold Douglas Academy